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Doing your can be anxiety-inducing—no matter what line of business you’re in. Being a small business owner often requires working more than 40 hours a week. You give everything to your business—but you deserve to have some “you” time as well. At OSMEAC Solutions, we take pride in breaking the traditional accounting stereotypes and offering remote services that seamlessly integrate with the modern, semi-remote office landscape.

They have many software options to pull information from electronic sources, such as bank accounts and point-of-sale systems. Rather than inputting each entry from a receipt, a bookkeeper can verify transactions and organize them into the appropriate categories. You want to leave some time when you are not working to be with friends and family and rejuvenate for the next workweek. The more time you spend on financials, the less free time you have. As small business owners, we tend to pride ourselves on our DIY approach. And when it comes to your business financials, a certain level of expertise is required for the health and security of your organization. Without it, you won’t have an accurate picture of where your business is at.

Why Would You Hire a Professional Bookkeeper?

Bookkeeping includes everything from basic data entry to tax prep. If you’re committed to a certain type of software you’ll want to find a bookkeeper that also uses it. But maybe you also want to have the flexibility to give them everything if you’re too busy. You can find bookkeepers operating at all sorts of price points, and delivering all sorts of results. But there are now some very interesting pricing models that allow you to hire a consultant without taking a huge financial risk.

  • Investors will be unlikely to engage with your business if your finances are not sufficiently organized, as they will not want to take a risk with you.
  • We can handle your finances smoothly and give you fresh insight to develop your business.
  • Hiring a bookkeeping service is about more than just finding someone who can use a calculator and understand QuickBooks.
  • They’ll also have a better understanding of which tax deductions your business qualifies for, and may identify business expenses you didn’t even know were tax-deductible.

To help you get back to the work bookkeeping services meant to do, FreshBooks offers bookkeeping services for our U.S. customers through our partner Bench. By combining smart software with an affordable virtual bookkeeping professional, Bench ensures your books are up-to-date monthly and ready come tax time. This means collections will come in on time and revenues will be streamlined leading to a much healthier state of finances for the organization.

Process Payroll

Ensure all payments are made on time which helps enormously when building good relationships with your suppliers. We are familiar with the difficulties of operating a small business because we have worked with many of them. Please take the next step and let us handle the accounting so you and your staff can concentrate on what makes your company unique. Complete Your Return On-Time – Gain help from this service to complete your tax return correctly and expeditiously. Minimize Error – During the process of completing your tax return, a tax pro is helpful. For example, they will check and validate your expenses for errors.

  • Plus, it’ll be their job to flag up any inconsistencies between the books and your business accounts, making sure you resolve problems quickly.
  • The services can be delivered remotely but you might want someone to come in to your business regularly.
  • These financial reports show a businesses bottom line and operating expenses, the balance of assets and liabilities as well as the cash flowing in and out of the business.
  • The problem is, if you’re not regularly updating your books (see point #2), you’ll have to ask your accountant to organize all your financial information ahead of tax season.

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